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Who wins the fight between mayweather and pacquiao how to make money financial spread betting

Wednesday 27st, February 4:32:14 Am
Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Canelo Alvarez - Highlights (Mayweather SCHOOLS Canelo)


Manny Pacquiao, billed as the Fight of the Century or the Battle for Greatness, was a professional boxing match between undefeated five-division world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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And eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao. It took place on May 2, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Won the contest by unanimous decision, with two judges scoring it and the other Although the fight was considered to be one of the most. You can find the details and scoring of the fight here on Wikipedia. You can also find my review and analysis of the fight here Review of Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight May.

I presume this question exists because someone Here are some statistical reasons. For this specific fight, the statistics are below. Notice how Mayweather outclassed Pacquiao in every category. More generally, it is important to consider Mayweather and his historical performance.

Below are accuracy and dodge statistics as of Mayweather has an asto moreLoading Floyd Mayweather won. You can find the details and scoring of the fight here on Wikipedia. Mayweather won the fight according to the ring judges. A significant number of the fans agreed with Pacquiao, who thought he won the fight. Pacquiao’s claim to victory would rest on pressing the action and landing the hardest punches before the end of the fourth round, when his chronically injured supraspinatus became an acute injury requiring surgery.

A greater indication of a Pacquiao victory would be a slow motion review of the fight. The Nevada State Athletic Commission did Pacquiao and fans a severe disservice by refusing him the use of toradol. It was part of their general favoritism toward Mayweather, whom they also let totally off the hook for a serious violation of performance enhancing drug policy.

Views View 58 Upvoters View Sharers. When Hatton fought Mayweather, Floyd tore Hatton apart with his accuracy in the later rounds and when Hatton fought Pacman, Pacman landed 73 of punches which just quicly broke Hatton down. I am a fan of The Hitman but he was outclassed by these two which leaves me to say, I honestly believe this fight is And would be the biggest thing in boxing for a long time.

Sources rainofgods.com Who would win between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jnr? Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather who would win? Who do you think would win in a fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao will win the final round on aggression but it won’t be enough. Nervous energy in crowd, who seem to know what’s coming. Guardian’s unofficial score Mayweather Pacquiao Mayweather Pacquiao.

He’s backed against the ropes and Pacquiao throws more two-handed combinations to the head and body at frenetic speed. Mayweather nods his head as if it say he’s not hurt, but no question Manny touched him there.

An easy round to score for Pacquiao. Can Manny Pacquiao get past Floyd Mayweather’s right hand is the fight within the fight. Floyd misses with a vicious right cross thrown with bad intentions. Pacquiao connects with a straight left that knocks Mayweather back.

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Mayweather left, hugs Pacquiao after defeating him in their welterweight unification bout. 3 of Floyd Mayweather won the World Boxing Organization's title and retained the World Boxing Association and World Boxing Council belts. 6 of Floyd Mayweather, who looked strong late, connects during the round fight.

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But the victor in Saturday's much-anticipated bout between Filipino legend Manny Pacquiao and Floyd "Money" Mayweather, now undefeated in 48 professional fights, is the undisputed world champion, and walks away with more than just a share of the reported million purse. Mayweather has won world titles at five different weights, Pacquiao six, so it's a fight between two of the greatest boxers in history.

Boxing is back in the spotlight, on the biggest stage of all, and even people who aren't boxing fans are talking about it. Media playback is not supported on this device. Mayweather v Pacquiao Fight of the Century preview. It's got a clash of styles and a clash of personalities - good guy versus bad guy.

You can never comprehend the numbers involved, but if that's what they're worth, good luck to them. As big fights approach it is customary to conduct a poll into who the boxing fans think might win. The Fight of the Century is splitting the public over not one but two issues.

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao will fight in Las Vegas on May 2. The Fight of the Century has split the public over who will win. But fans are also debating who they'd rather see prevail. By Jeff Powell For Mailonline. The fight on May 2 between Floyd Mayweather Jr. And Manny Pacquiao is one that boxing fans and writers have sought more than any other in recent years, even though both fighters have passed their respective peaks.

Then there is the bad blood that exists between Pacquiao’s trainer, the widely respected Freddie Roach, and Mayweather’s father Floyd Mayweather Snr., who will be in his son’s corner. Some of the hype surrounding the fight has gone as far as laying claim to it being the biggest in the history of boxing. While, yes, the projected million the fight will generate undoubtedly qualifies it as the most lucrative fight there’s ever been in boxing, in terms of its wider significance and impact, it pales in comparison to some of the classic fights of the past.

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The fight of the century is almost here. This is how it all came together, after years of Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather ducking each other. There was to be a split of the revenue between the two promotional companies, with everything laid out including who would weigh in first on March 12, who would enter the ring first, and all the other minutiae that sometimes constitutes a strange sticking point when negotiations for big fights happen. The fight is over and the results are in.

We study the techniques and tactics which carried Floyd Mayweather to victory over his arch-rival, Manny Pacquiao. When Pacquiao dived in on Mayweather's hips, Mayweather brought his weight down on the bent over Pacquiaoan image that has caused much joking about Mayweather attempting guillotine chokes in the combat sports community.

But tha is the difference between someone who clinches when they have to and someone who wants to clinchthe ability to make the opponent exert himself and carry both participants' weight. The problem is that, as the rules are currently being enforced, the punch-and-clutcher is heavily favored. Pacquiao working out with his longtime companion and trainer Buboy Fernandez HBO.

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Manny Pacquiao, 36, is an unlikely idol who rose from absolute poverty in the Philippines to become one of the best boxers in the world.

He’s the sport’s second biggest star at least in terms of earnings and a congressman, movie star, TV host and pop singer in his native land. Like Mayweather, Pacquiao fights at welterweight, though he’s naturally a smaller man and often comes in underweight. Mayweather and Pacquiao will fight for various WBC, WBO and WBA world titles.

In that vacuum, fighters are left to organise the fights between each other. If a boxer doesn’t want to fight another boxer, they don’t have to.

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Mayweather v Pacquiao Fight of the Century preview. Date 23 May local time Sunday BST. In short, because Mayweather and Pacquiao are widely recognised as the two best boxers in the world - and it is a rare thing to have two all-time greats fighting in the same weight division at the same time.

Back in the s, arguably the sport's last golden age in the United States, such match-ups were regular occurrences. Hatton's fellow Brit Amir Khan, who wants to fight the winner, also believes Mayweather will be too clever. However, Pacquiao does have some heavyweight backing, with former world champions George Foreman and Mike Tyson both picking him to win it. The superfight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, billed as the Fight of the Century, will take place this Saturday, May 2, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Here, a breakdown of everything you need to know about it, courtesy of supermodel trainer extraordinaire Michael Olajide, Jr.

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Let’s say you were a fighter and you made, per fight.

The average amount a boxer makes is probably, less than that. You would need to fight and win another matches to make that amount of money. You could definitely afford speech therapy, but it most likely wouldn’t help. Twelve three-minute rounds, with one minute of rest between each round. Saturday’s bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr.

And Manny Pacquiao could generate a billion dollars, but the epitaph for the sport has been written in larger and larger type over the past decades. The fight here at the MGM Grand Garden Arena was vintage Mayweather. He ducked under Pacquiao’s flurries. He side-hopped out of the corner when his opponent attempted to lunge at him. In a few instances, Pacquiao cornered Mayweather and unleashed punches in waves, but Mayweather either grabbed ahold of Pacquiao or slid out of the way.

The fans booed regularly when Mayweather would hold Pacquiao or when he would backpedal away from the action. The most highly-anticipated fight in years is quickly approaching. But how did we get to this point? Here are the events that made Mayweather-McGregor a reality.

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The welterweight world championship unification clash between Manny Pacquiao v Floyd Mayweather on 2 May will be shown live on Sky Sports Box Office. Sky won exclusive television rights to the fight, one of the most eagerly anticipated events in recent boxing history, at the MGM Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Official site Site Link Click Here Who wins rights to Manny Pacquiao v Floyd Mayweather fight in Las Vegas. Sky Sports News HQ will be in Las Vegas during the final buildup to bring news from both camps including the official press conferences, and weigh-in as the two fighters complete their training camps. Who will prevail in the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao mega-bout on Saturday?

Here's what some of the boxing efforts say. Cotto thinks Pacquiao and his trainer Freddie Roach will combine to beat Mayweather. "After working with Freddie, I think Freddie is going to be huge in the fight, Cotto told the New York Post.

It should be noted that Roach also worked De La Hoya's corner in his loss to Mayweather.

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Keith Thurman One of the most-exciting younger fighters today, the current welterweight belt-holder likes Mayweather. [Manny is] going to be open for the counters, but I think he can make them up with some of the flurries, Thurman told rainofgods.com I favor Mayweather in the f. Money Mayweather won it on points.

Sorry for the lateness of this answer as you would know the result by not. It would be an exciting fight because mayweather is a good counter puncher and pacquiao has combination round bursts.

Mayweather has never been under that kind of pressure before for twelve straight round but it either going to be a Floyd mayweather UD of pacquiao KO if it does happen. Mayweather-Pacquiao the biggest fight in decades is almost here, and we’re not short on hot takes about the bout. Floyd Mayweather is undefeated, but is he really better? Will Manny Pacquiao’s devastating left hand be the difference? Pacquiao’s best chance will come if Mayweather opens himself up and Pacquiao catches him with a thunderous left, but Mayweather is just so good at not leaving himself vulnerable.

Unfortunately, I think this will be a relatively boring fight once the hoopla subsides, and a boring fight favors Mayweather. He’ll come away with a decision win. Ricky Doyle’s pick Mayweather Pac-Man will come out swinging, but it’s hard to imagine him maintaining that pace with any success against a more defensive and more skilled Mayweather.

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Mayweather and Pacquiao, who had never met in person, briefly spoke with each other during halftime. They met again later that night in Pacquiao's hotel room to discuss terms for a fight. "Once we met with Floyd, everything changed completely," Michael Koncz, Pacquiao's manager, said. "We knew he was serious at that point and he wanted to get this thing done." 9.

On February 20, Mayweather announced via social media that he and Pacquiao would fight on May 2 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. The fight was a joint venture between HBO, which had Pacquiao under contract, and Showtime, which had a contract with Mayweather. The fight was called by blow-by-blow announcer Jim Lampley HBO and analysts Al Bernstein Showtime and Roy Jones Jr. Preparing for the Mayweather and Pacquiao 'fight of the century'.

The media delivering the word from Las Vegas for the next seven days are just an extension of the fight's promotional arm. Lewis appeared to win a hard-fought decision, but the judges, incredibly, scored the fight a draw. Jim Lampley, calling the bout on HBO that night, reacted swiftly, saying "Boxing's cesspool has opened up again at a most precipitous moment to emit an unconscionable odor." And what about the Showtime colleagues who Mayweather implied knew about those staged and fabricated "All Access" scenes.

There were three other "executive producers" Jason Bowers, Jody Heaps, Ross Greenburg listed in the credits that rolled at the end of "Inside Mayweather vs Pacquiao.". Mayweather said in the post-fight press conference that he would relinquish the titles he won Saturday night to give younger, upcoming fighters a shot at the belts. Mayweather was essentially unhittable for much of the 12 round affair, as "Money" transformed into a ghost every time Pacquiao doggedly tried in vain to close the distance and land combinations on the inside.

Pacquiao keeps chasing Mayweather, but can't keep the pound-for-pound great trapped for too long. Mayweather is taking this one over, and Manny will need to look for a knockout heading into the championship rounds.

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Mayweather was supposed to have fought Pacquiao this month in a mammoth promotion but negotiations collapsed over drug testing. Mayweather then chose to fight Mosley in what will be the biggest fight of the year. And, if there’s any common sense in the world, the winner will fight Pacquiao next. Who wins these fights, either real or speculative?

rainofgods.com asked four respected trainers Joe Goossen, Ronnie Shields, Buddy McGirt and Robert Garcia to give their thoughts on the three possible matchups Mayweather-Mosley, Pacquiao-Mayweather and Pacquiao-Mosley. The long-anticipated fight between unbeaten Floyd Mayweather Jr.

And record eight-division champion Manny Pacquiao on May 2 is expected to be a memorable clash of Mayweather's precise punching and speedy defense against the aggressive attack of the similarly well-conditioned Pacquiao. Each have established signature moves.

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Select a clip to watch MAYWEATHER. Mayweather's rapid head movement allows him to tempt opponents to throw a punch, only to leave themself open to one of his quick punches, as happens here against Marcos Maidana.

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Here's all the expert picks for who will win the mega-fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. Anything can happen in a fight. Since the fight was officially announced, many experts, former fighters, and previous opponents of Mayweather and McGregor have weighed in with their thoughts on how the fight will go Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Below we've rounded up all the expert predictions for who will win the biggest fight of the year 17 PHOTOS. Experts picks on Mayweather-McGregor fight - BI. Manny Pacquiao, former Mayweather opponent.

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Prediction for the fight Floyd Mayweather. Quotes "McGregor has no chance in this fight. In fact, it could be very boring.". Probably the fight between the two best fighters of the last decade will happen at the announced end of Floyd Mayweather’s career and possibly, this will coincide also with the end of Manny Pacquiao’s ones.

It will be just great, even if, from a technical point of view, it would have been a better fight if it had happened four or five years earlier. Now it is too soon, business wise, to make the fight happen, so we still have a lot of time to speculate about the fight’s outcome. We can look at the data in our hands and guess who will be the winner.

Pacquiao is extremely good when fighting agai. Saturday night's fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao is undoubtedly the biggest boxing match in years. The match is expected to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, mostly from pay-per-view audiences. But forget about the business side for a second let's focus on what the in-ring stats say about the two fighters who punches more, what kind of punches they throw and how accurate they are.

For those fans who don't want to just bet on the fight through a sportsbook, CompuBox is also the official stats partner of Throwdown Fantasy, a boxing-based fantasy game, where users can draft fighters, track their stats and win money.

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Ultimately, Mayweather won by a unanimous decision from the three judges.

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Moments after the fight ended, Pacquiao said, "I thought I won the fight." "He didn't do nothing," Pacquiao added of Mayweather.

The Associated Press characterized Mayweather's strategy as defensive, while Pacquiao tended to "rush forward." John Locher AP. The victory makes Mayweather the undisputed champion of the welterweight boxing world. The fight was the product of five years of negotiations between Mayweather and Pacquiao. rainofgods.com The fight led to an enormous amount of money changing hands. The purse for the fight was estimated to be as high as million, with Mayweather taking home 60 and Pacquiao getting the rest. When Mayweather Fought Pacquiao and Money Won.

Inside the big-stakes fight with an outcome that felt predictably cheap. Mayweather won the decision in an arena in love with Manny Pacquiao, and now both fighters can go home and count their stacks of money. The strip was so packed with people last nightthe normal crew only a thousand times the densitybros, bangers, dudes with three-foot tall Seussian funnels of alcohol, liquid, and burnt bodies in various stages of undress.

They were missing the one-sided undercards who barely satisfied the basics of a challenging bout, because the fans couldn't get tickets. This fight was never for the fans. Mayweather fought confidently in the late rounds, winning the last two rounds on all three scorecards. In the final seconds of the fight he raised his right hand in victory and after the bell rang stood on the ropes, pounding his heart with his gloves. "You're tough," he said to Pacquiao, hugging him in the ring.

It was vintage Mayweather, even if it didn't please the crowd of 16, They cheered every time Pacquiao threw a punch, hoping that he would land a big shot and become the first fighter to beat Mayweather. Pacquiao had vowed to take the fight to Mayweather and force him into a war.

His camp thought Mayweather's year-old legs weren't what they once were. "He is moving around, not easy to throw punches when people moving around," Pacquiao said.

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British boxing fans will be able to watch the superfight between Floyd Mayweather Junior and Manny Pacquiao live on Sky Sports Box Office after they won the rights to broadcast the bout between the two global superstars. Having fought four times to this day, Pacquiao has won two, Marquez one and the other being a draw. Marquez winning the most recent with a sixth round knockout, handing the Pac-Man back to back defeats.

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Beat off competition from BoxNation to win the right to screen the fight, which will take place at the MGM Garden Arena in Las Vegas in the early hours of Sunday morning with the fight card getting underway late on Saturday 2 May. Exclusive Floyd Mayweather beats Manny Pacquiao with brilliant performance, but promoter Bob Arum says one-armed Filipino was crucially denied shoulder injection pre-fight.

"I think Floyd won easily and has always been better than Pacquiao, finally the debate is over, we can all move on and decide where Floyd ranks in the top five of all time boxers. "I think it's disgraceful that the first thing Manny did was complain about his injury. News flash to all those who aren't well acquainted with the sport, most boxers are carrying some kind of injury into the fight.

If it's truly serious the fight will be postponed or cancelled e.g. Broken bone or cut around eyes but if it's not you continue with the fight and cannot use that injury as. Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, center, stare at each other on May 1 during weigh-ins for their May 2 fight at MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Opinion Floyd Mayweather Manny Pacquiao Boxing. And as the times have changed, should the media be obligated to focus on social issues raised by the fight, like concussions and domestic violence? Let's take a quick look at how we got here. Sullivan to Jack Johnson, from Muhammad Ali to Mike Tyson, boxing has always been a personality-driven sport.

The nature of the game demands it Boxing is primalit cuts right to the core of our fight-or-flight instinctand it's personal. There are just two fighters in the ring only one emerges on top.

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More likely, though, the fight won’t possibly be able to justify the surcharge it costs to watch, much less win any new fans who might be willing to dole out such cash to witness future combat. At the time, Pacquiao was a pocket powerhouse, a whirlwind who devastated excellent fighters like Ricky Hatton and Oscar De La Hoya. Mayweather was untouchable, a defensive wizard who could step up and knock opponents around should the mood strike. The list price on the ducats is between 1, and 7, with secondary market prices skyrocketing into six figures.

That this fight is happening at all should be the giveaway though Mayweather and Pacquiao are the sport’s biggest names, they can’t credibly be called the two best fighters, not anymore.

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The encounter between Mayweather and Pacquiao. Published Oct 10, United States Sports Boxing. If we go to Pacquiao's side, which according to rainofgods.com has a record of 60 wins, seven draws and two losses with 39 KO, the Asian boxer will turn 40 in December.

Pacquiao, comes from two fights of "little time" before the unknown Jeff Horn, from Australia, with whom he lost, to then beat another unknown, in this case, the Argentine Lucas Matthysse. "I know you all found out about the fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao, but before the rematch between Mayweather and Pacquiao, I'll be back in Tokyo for a big boxing event.

Stay tuned," were the statements collected by ESPN.

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Pacquiao was a high-profile professional boxing match between the eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao and undefeated five-division world champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr. That took place on May 2nd, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mayweather won the fight by unanimous decision. Two of the judges scored, with the third one scoring The victory has received an overall negative reaction on the Internet, especially on Twitter, where people complained about Mayweather's tactic, which was an anticlimactic defensive maneuver compared to Pacquiao's exhilarating aggressive approach.

Mike Tysson's tweet about the match got over 85, retweets in less than 10 hours shown below.

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With the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao looming, here are the 10 things every fan should know before Saturday night. When Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao step into the ring Saturday night, everyone - from the hardcore boxing fans to those who normally couldn't care less about the sport - will be tuning in.

It's the fight of the Century. The two best pound-for-pound fighters in the world.

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Years age difference between the two fighters. Mayweather is 38 while Pacquiao is 6 Jabs that Mayweather lands on average per round, according to CompuBox, a boxing data company. 4 Jabs that Pacquiao lands on average per round, according to CompuBox. 5, Dollars you’ll win if you place a parlay bet on the horse I Spent It winning the Kentucky Derby also Saturday and Mayweather winning the fight. Odds as of Wednesday., Dollars that Diddy bet that Mayweather will win., Dollars that Mark Wahlberg bet that Pacquiao will win.

25, Dollars that Mayweather’s custom mouth guardwhich incorporates diamond dust, gold flakes, and a dollar bill cutoutcost to make.

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Next Image Floyd Mayweather Jr. Gallery 1 Chances are, you were not at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday to witness boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. Defeat Filipino rival Manny Pacquiao. And with the average price for tickets getting as high as 13, in the secondary market, those lucky enough to be there were a select few. "Tickets are going for between 8, and, to," Mayweather said at a pre-fight media event "You know, we call this the billionaire boys' club." Here's a list of the celebrities and persona.

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In a match for the history books, Floyd Money’ Mayweather won the boxing match against Manny PacMan’ Pacquiao by unanimous decision of all three judges in Las Vegas, Nevada. The scores were close, with both boxers scoring above points by all judges. This makes Mayweather the undefeated world champion, a position he has held for the past 18 years. It is speculated he made between and million for this match alone.

He is currently the highest paid athlete in the world. On the other hand, Pacquiao said he thought he won the match, and said Floyd didn’t do nothing, just moving around. He added he plans to take a vacation after today. Pacquiao I thought I won the fight.

He didn’t do nothing just moving around.

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The Fight of the Century between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao is just days away. We've been covering this fight since Day 1, and it's time to finally pick a side. Latin Post breaks down the fight and selects a winner. Many boxing experts believe Mayweather will simply exploit the reach advantage over Pacquiao, and attempt to win the fight by avoid close contact by way of decision.

Mayweather's biggest criticism is his punching power. The last time Mayweather knocked out an opponent, other than the infamous "Victor Ortiz not looking" fight, was Ricky Hatton in Manny Pacquiao. Trying to dethrone Mayweather will be the No.

2 ranked Welterweight fighter, Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao has been waiting for this fight for years.

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Mayweather-Pacquiao shattered records largely because the six-year courtship between the fighters grew each of their audiences. But where a bitter rivalry between promoters stalled Mayweather-Pacquiao, at least they we both elite pros in the same sport, free to face off after settling contractual details.

The logistical obstacles between McGregor and Mayweather tell you the fight can’t happen. McGregor is still under contract to the UFC, and can’t fight elsewhere without risking a lawsuit. Though it seems significant that McGregor received a California boxing licence in November, fight licence.

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Openly, as the epic welterweight clash between Floyd Mayweather Jr. And Manny Pacquiao approaches, with the grandeur illusion its somehow close to what Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali was on March 8, boxing media, managers, trainers and TV execs and announcers covering the fight have to be objective. They need to play the political game. Behind closed doors, away from the steno pads and jutting digital voice recorders, comes a different view.

Of close to 40 boxing people speaking their opinion on who will win the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, an overwhelming 38 said Mayweather.

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Mayweather, who has won all 50 of his fights, last fought a year ago when he stopped Conor McGregor, the UFC star who was in his first professional boxing match. The year-old Mayweather reportedly made more than million for that fight, on top of a reported million for his win over Pacquiao.

Pacquiao, the Filipino star who will be 40 in December, lost to unheralded Jeff Horn last year before rebounding with a win over Lucas Matthysse in Malaysia last month. Representatives for the two fighters could not immediately be reached for comment.

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The longstanding score between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao will finally be settled on May 2, with the two iconic fighters set to square off under the bright lights of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Here’s a look at the fight card in full as things stand and a closer examination of how the main event will pan out.

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Pacquiao won his fight with Vargas on all three scorecards, and seemed to have the upper hand on Vargas throughout the course of the fight. He knocked Vargas down in the second round, and while Vargas put forth a respectful performance, especially in the middle rounds, he was pretty clearly overmatched by Pacquiao during the fight. Man Down Knockdown comes in the round. rainofgods.com Pacquiao and Mayweather also exchanged pleasantries a short time later Pacquiao wins, climbs the ring ropes and smiles down at Mayweather.

Pacquiao grinned and said, 'Thank you.' Chris Mannix ChrisMannixYS November 6.

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Wrestling Fans Who Have You Got Winning The Fight Of The Century Which Takes Place Tomorrow Night! Floyd mayweather or manny pacquiao.

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Manny Pacquiao, billed as The Fight of the Century, or the Battle for Greatness, was a professional boxing match between undefeated five-division world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. And eight-division world champion Manny Pac. Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao p. Jeff Mayweather asks some of the guys inside the Mayweather Boxing Club who will win the upcoming fight between Manny Pacquiao and Keith Thurman. Oscar De La Hoya Who Hits Harder Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather - EsNews.

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Evander Holyfield on who he picked between Floyd Mayweather Jr. Evander Holyfield explains what he thinks will happen when Floyd Mayweather Jr. Takes on Manny Pacquiao on May 2 in Las Boxing Legends Holyfield Holmes Carlos Ortz Pick Winner of Mayweather vs Pacquiao. Pacquiao - ORIGINAL VIDEO - UCN Exclusive. Mayweather Pacquiao Fight Decision. The most anticipated boxing match of our generation. Who do you think won the fight? Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao - Saturday, May 2 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nev.

Rap Star 50 Cent on who wins Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao - esnews boxing.

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Service Outages Reported Ahead of Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight. Just ahead of one of the biggest fights in boxing history, dozens are taking to Twitter to complain of cable outages and other problems before Saturday’s Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight.

Customers of Time Warner Cable, DirecTV and Charter have been complaining about issues. Charter acknowledged the problems on its Twitter account on Saturday. We are aware of the issue impacting the Mayweather vs. We are working to resolve as soon as possible, it wrote.

DirecTV seemed prepared, tweeting troubleshooting tips on Saturday. If you’re having any problems ordering or viewing th.

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Floyd Mayweather deafted Manny Pacquiao by unanimous points decision to win the Fight of the Century at Las Vegas. Mayweather and Pacquiao had promised to deliver on years of hype and give fans their money's worth and were true to their word in delivering an entertaining contest that had the capacity crowd on its feet roaring from the opening bell to the end of the 12 round showcase. "Manny Pacquiao is a hell of fighter, I see now why he is at the pinnacle of boxing," the year-old Mayweather said after an emotional embrace with Pacquiao.

The fight between the two greatest boxers of their generation was one that appeared might never happen as Pacquiao resisted Mayweather's demands for.

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Mayweather, who fights Miguel Cotto on Saturday, knocked out Gatti in the fifth round for the victory. KOs Arturo Gatti This Day June Wins Crown Arturo Gatti lbs Floyd Mayweather Jr lbs RTD at in round 6 of 12 WBC Super Lightweight Title. Floyd Mayweather, like it or not, has set a new benchmark of Boxing excellence.

Although both Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather reached a verbal agreement back in September to face each other once again in the ring, fans were. Floyd Mayweather Announces He's Coming out of Retirement Not specifying if this means a return to boxing though. My painting for a big event, the Fight between Floyd Mayweather Boxing and Conor MacGregor MMA.

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People will call for a rematch because for them Manny won.and who doesn't want a rematch win or lose? Floyd doesn't want to fight Pacquiao in the first place then he will fight him again? That's too much risk for him physically and for his "legacy" but with the amount of money it will generate again he will be pressured and might choose a wrong decision and regret it in the end.

-Even if Floyd wins, Manny will take away something from him. Pacquiao beat Mayweather and Mayweather beat Pacquiao. Basically no one lose their legacies and they will generate up to 1 Billion. Of course the fight is on the day I'm taking the SAT exam, but anyway Pacquiao will wreck him. Last edited Apr 25, ULTRAVIOLENZZ likes this.